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Our Curriculum

The future of education is here.

Our teaching philosophy is rooted in the foundation that children have the ability to construct their own knowledge when given the opportunity and the guidance.

Guiding Principals at KnowledgeNest

  • Knowledge is constructed
  • Learning is a social activity
  • Learning is an active process
  • Learning is contextual¬†
  • People learn to learn, as they learn
  • Learning exists in the mind
  • Knowledge is personal
  • Motivation is key to learning

The Role of the Educator

  • The instructor takes on the role of a facilitator of learning instead of a director.
  • There are equal authority and responsibility between the students and the instructor.
  • Learning occurs in small groups.
  • Knowledge is shared between both the students and the instructor.

Engaging provocations based in…

  • Pursues student interests and questions.
  • Uses manipulative and primary materials.
  • Learning is based on big ideas with exploration into smaller part
  • Instructor is responsible for guided and interacting with students; negotiator role
  • Instructors assist students in creating knowledge with dialogue
  • Students build knowledge on prior understanding through interactions
  • Knowledge is continuously evolving with student understanding
  • Process is important, therefore evaluations may include observation, discussion, and student work
  • Learning activities occur mostly in groups