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Hands on learning that lasts for life.

At KnowledgeNest, we believe that fostering a love of exploration and learning is critical to the development of the child. We offer child-led curriculum, adventures, and a safe space to practice problem solving while learning about the natural world, basic concepts of physics and chemistry, in addition to fostering literacy and mathematics skills through practical activities.

Come explore with us!

Are you ready for your child to use their natural curiosity to enrich their education experience?

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Our happy customers have a lot to say about KnowledgeNest

Lea Nance has the true passion and drive myself as a parent looks for. Even eight years later my son brings up memories of all the cool projects she provided. I highly recommend her.

Jeremy Webster


I love how she challenges her students to higher level thinking. Having her kids come up with their own solutions to problems they are given is an excellent teaching strategy. When teaching she uses nature and all it provides for a great lesson. She is always in tune with the emotions that each child is feeling.

Megen Beene

Skiatook, OK

Lea is a wonderful teacher, who focuses on the individual learning style of each child and makes learning fun and creative!

If you need someone to help guide you or your child(ren) on your schooling journey, she is your lady!

Her vision aligns with connecting to the roots of who we are and developing a community in which to do so!

Amber Bennett